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Lovebirds Cupcakes

Finished favors

Finished lovebirds cupcake favors

One of my coworkers is getting married this month so we are having a wedding shower luncheon.  I am making cupcakes for party favors for the guests.


The wedding invitation

I wanted to make the cupcakes to match the wedding invitations. Here’s a picture of the wedding invitation I found on the web.  It’s a DYI kit from Michael’s with these sweet lovebirds.

I know that the bride is not fond of chocolate, so I decided to make an orange citrus pound cake batter for the cupcakes.

Foil-lined baking cups

Foil-lined baking cups

I baked the cupcakes in plain paper liners a few days ahead and froze them.  I used foil-lined baking cups to assemble the final favors.  There were a number of reasons I used the two liners. First, with the inside paper liners, I didn’t have to worry about how they would freeze, store, and defrost.  Second, the outside liner will expand and fit into the shape of the plastic container since they are not stuck to the cupcake.  Third, I like the foil-lined baking cups because the colors are much more vibrant than the paper liners, but I don’t like using them for baking the cupcakes because the foil scratches my lips when I eat the cupcake!  I make my favorite homemade vanilla buttercream for the frosting.

Making fondant lover birds, step by step

Step by step creating fondant lovebirds

As to the decorations, I made the lovebirds from fondant.  I couldn’t find a bird cutter small enough to make the birds, so I looked for a shape that was similar.  I used the smallest leaf cutter that I have to cut out a basic shape.  Then I pinched one end to make the bird’s beak.  Next I pulled the other end out and up a little bit to make the bird’s tail.  I used a fondant tool to make poke a small hole for an eye.  Frosting tip #98 turned out to make a very nice impression of a bird’s wing!  Then I flipped the shape over and repeated to make the eye and wing on the other side.  I made these a week ahead so they could dry.


Dipping chow mein noodles in melted chocolate

For branches, I took those crispy chow mein noodles and coated them with melted dark chocolate and let them harden on parchment paper.  I also did these ahead of time and stored them in an airtight container.

I found the favor containers on Etsy.  I think the bottoms are sundae containers and the and the tops are domed covers for drink cups.  There are some online stores where I saw similar tops and bottoms, but you had to buy packs of 1,000 and no guarantee the tops and bottoms would fit together since they aren’t sold as a set!

Love birds on buttercream icing with gold flakes

Love birds on buttercream icing with gold flakes

On the evening of the assembly, I gathered all my premade supplies and went to work.  Into the plastic cup went the foil-lined cupcake liner, then the cupcake in its plain liner.  Next I frosted the top of the cupcake with the buttercream.  I tried both a start tip and a round tip.  They both worked well.  (I personally preferred the round tip because I thought the branches looked better with a more simple design. I found out that people took the cupcakes frosted with the star tip; I guess they look fancier.)

Favor tags

Favor tags

I added two love birds and a couple of chocolate branches. The finishing touch was  a sprinkling of gold flakes.  After I snapped on the domed top, I tied a ribbon around the favor and added a small tag with the bride and groom’s names. Tip: I taped the ribbon to the bottom with a small piece of tape to hold it in place while I was tying the bow.

I really like the way the favors turned out, especially the way clear plastic holders let you see the entire cupcake so clearly! I think the bride was really touched by the matching lovebirds theme.

The beautiful bride-to-be

The beautiful bride-to-be