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Making the world a sweeter place one cake at a time

About me

The decorator at work.

This is a blog I started to share about my adventures in cake baking and decorating.  I work as a cell biologist for a pharmaceutical company by day, and as a baker and decorator nights and weekends.

I took my first decorating class in April 2006.  Two coworkers of mine said that they always wanted to learn to decorate cakes, and asked if I would like to take the Wilton beginning class with them.  True confession – I really do not like frosting, so I was never interested in taking a cake decorating class.  But I thought it would be a fun way to spend time with them and so I signed up for the class.  Well, after the four weeks, I signed up for the next class, and then the next class and finished the series.  I was hooked!  I loved the creative possibilities and limitations of cake decorating!  What a wonderful medium to work with!  You have a limited time to work, your masterpiece is usually part of some celebration, and people get to enjoy the way it looks and tastes!  So almost six years later, here I am still enjoying learning and decorating.  And now I’m starting a blog to share my creations and adventures.

Me with Christopher Garren and Marji of Amazing Wedding Cakes


Other baking and decorating classes I’ve enjoyed:

Christopher Garren’s Professional Pastry Chef Series

Baking 101: Mix No More

Fillings 101: Demo Class

The Blackmarket Bakery

Sassy Summer Tarts

Donna Maron Private Instruction

Advanced Gum Paste Flowers


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