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Frog Cupcakes

on June 26, 2016
Frog Birthday Cupcake

Frog Birthday Cupcake

This was a quick project. A friend’s party and my sister’s birthday converged on one particular Saturday.  My friend was celebrating a presentation she had given entitled “The Frog and the Princess.” My sister has always loved cute cartoon frogs like Keroppi.  Perfect!  I could make frog cupcakes for both of them!

I used a few shortcuts:

Purchased candy eyes. Lashes added with edible marker.

Purchased candy eyes. Lashes added with edible ink marker.

Green candy melts

Green candy melts purchased from candy supply store.












Remember the Panda Cupcakes?  I took inspiration from them to make these frog cupcakes.

Eyes were easy peasy!  Made from green candy melts (candy supply store) and purchased candy eyes (great deal from Hobby Lobby).  For the lady frogs, I added eye lashes with a black food decorating pen.

Cutting out party hats from fondant. I used a circle cutter and divided the circle into 6 pieces.

Here’s the fast assembly steps for cupcakes:

Press sprinkles into fondant to decorate.

Press sprinkles into fondant to decorate.

  1. Color fondant as desired. Cut out crowns and party hats from fondant.  Decorate hats with candy sprinkles.
  2. Use purchased buttercream icing and color to desired shade of green.  Make a little bit of pink and brown for mouths and cheeks.
  3. Pipe cupcakes with green frosting using large round tip.

    Piped frosting

    Piped frosting

  4. Smooth icing with a spatula.
  5. Place green candy melts.
  6. Place candy eyes over candy melts.
  7. Pipe mouths.
  8. Place crowns or party hats.

If I had more time, I would have liked to play with things like different mouths, froggie tongues, eyelashes using fondant, funny noses, different shapes and decorated crowns, and accessories like eye glasses.


Girl Frog Birthday Cupcake

Birthday Party Frogs

Birthday Party Frogs


Happy Birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday, Sis!


Frog Prince and Princess Cupcakes for my friend who inspired me to start my blog!



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