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Panda Cupcakes


Chocolate Panda Cupcakes

Chocolate Panda Cupcakes

My aunt was throwing a farewell party for her son who is moving to China.  Since the party was a drop-in buffet dinner event, I thought cupcakes would work much better than a cake.  People, especially kids, can easily serve themselves.  And you don’t have to worry about when to cut the beautifully designed cake, messing up the presentation for people who join the party later.

IPanda-cupcakes_3655 wanted to make something with a Chinese theme and saw these adorable mini-cupcakes on Bakerella’s site.  Can you believe these are made with MINI chocolate chips?! I decided to make full size cupcakes for my cousin.

IMG_8858These cupcakes were easy to make because I was able to find the items I needed: black chocolate melting wafers at the local cake and candy supply shop, candy eyes at Hobby Lobby, and dark chocolate expresso beans at CVS (yes, the pharmacy!).

Here are some cupcakes I decorated, experimenting with different techniques for the fur, eyes and ears.IMG_8861

The decorating steps are pretty self-explanatory:

  1. Frost the cupcake using large tip.
  2. Use spatula to smooth the frosting.
  3. Insert two chocolate wafers round side up for ears.
  4. Place two chocolate wafers flat side up for the color around the eyes.
  5. Squeeze a small dot of buttercream icing where you want to place the eyes.
  6. Place candy eyes.
  7. Place the chocolate covered expresso bean for the nose.


It was fun to make subtle differences in the faces like moving the eyes up or closer together, using big or small noses.  I wasn’t able to make as many funny faces as Bakerella since I didn’t have a mouth.  Next time I hope to find something to use for the mouth.

Lastly, I decorated a small 6-inch cake so I could write a message wish to my cousin.  I think he really liked the cupcakes!

Panda cupcakes with 6" cake

Panda cupcakes with 6″ cake


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