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Cake Decorating 101

on October 18, 2014

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Last weekend, I held my first cake decorating workshop. The workshop was part of a crafts event at church which where ladies could take classes to make items such as greeting cards, fabric pumpkins, mini-glitter houses. I had eight students ranging from 7-years-old to seniors. We all had a great time, and I was so pleased and proud of each of the beautiful and unique creations!


For each student, I provided:

two six-inch cakes



offset spatula

handout with basic instructions and icing techniques


IMG_4861I also provided:

piping bags



icing color gels

other miscellaneous tools





I demonstrated basic steps for filling and frosting a cake, and decorating techniques using a star tip and round tip.  Lastly, I showed them how to make leaves with tip #352, and how to ice cupcakes.

I think the pictures speak for themselves!


IMG_4867IMG_4871IMG_4879IMG_4876 IMG_4874IMG_4890 IMG_4914



One response to “Cake Decorating 101

  1. Sue Takamoto says:

    I wish I could learn from you too! It looks awesome!

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