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The Big Question

on April 27, 2013

IMG_0807On the day of the my son’s prom, about 3 hours before he was to leave for his friend’s house for the pre-prom picture-taking and festivities, he asked me if we had any brownie mix in the house.  I was happy to say that we did.  I always try to keep Costco’s Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix on hand for just these types of emergencies.  I assumed that he was supposed to bring some food to the party.

Brownie baked in Wilton heart-shaped cake pan.

Brownie baked in Wilton heart-shaped cake pan.

No, he needed to ask his date to the prom!  These days, a boy can’t just ask a girl to the dance like we did in our day.  No,  he must demonstrate he truly desires her company by putting time and effort into posing the question.  For instance, he might compose a song to sing to her.  Or he might paint a clever banner to pose the question.  Maybe he gets his buddies or her girlfriends to assist in a creative ruse to surprise the young lady with his proposal.

Yes, my son was going to the prom, and his date had been no question as they have been together for quite some time.  I guess she didn’t want to get shorted the ritual of being asked to the dance.  So here was my son on the day of the prom, asking if he can make some brownies just hours before the dance!

Letters covered with powdered sugar.

Letters covered with powdered sugar.

Well, we worked together on the idea.  He thought about trying to cut out the brownies in the shape of PROM, or stacking them in some way.  I suggested the heart pan.  He liked that idea.  Then he said maybe we can decorate with powdered sugar.  I wanted to write some words on the heart.  He wasn’t too crazy about the idea, but he said okay when I told him I wanted to decorate so I could put it on my blog.

I lined the cake pan with parchment paper so that the brownie would be easy to get out of the pan in one piece.  I let the brownie cool before running a knife around the sides and flipping it out of the pan.  I peeled off the parchment paper and  had a nice flat surface for decorating.  I printed out the “got milk?” logo from the internet and cut out the letters, modifying a few to get all the letters I needed (g ->p, m->r).  After arranging them on the surface of the brownies, I sifted powdered sugar over them.  The hardest part was taking the letters off the top.  I didn’t have a pair of tweezers, so I had to carefully lift with the end of a thin spatula and grab the paper.  I didn’t do so well, so I had to do a little touch up.


Ready to go!

Anyways, not too bad for a spur of the moment project.  I hope his girl liked it!


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