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Red Velvet Coconut Macaroons

on March 30, 2013

Red Velvet Coconut Macaroons

I wanted to get in a post before March is over.  I’ve just been so busy, and I was sick with that awful bug that everyone is getting where you are really sick for a week, and then recovering with a cough for another three weeks, and then get a relapse.  Anyways, I actually made these most delicious and pretty Red Velvet Macaroons around St. Valentine’s Day.  I had eaten some store-bought red velvet coconut macaroons at a friend’s house and thought these were so delicious, I came home and looked for a recipe on the web.

Thank you to Greg’s Kitchen for the recipe!  A few modifications. For one, I used shredded, not flaked coconut, because that’s what I had on hand. And then of course I wasn’t able to pipe the macaroons through a piping tip…although I did try!  The coconut just got stuck in the tip.  So I ended up using a tablespoon cookie scoop.  The special touch is the drizzled the melted white chocolate over the cooled macaroons. The more the better! I also dipped the bottom of some of the macaroons in white chocolate.  That made the bottoms look prettier and the ratio of white chocolate to macaroon was much higher…like frosting, but without hiding all the pretty red coconut!  The white chocolate is a nice compliment to the red velvet, like the cream cheese frosting is for red velvet cake.

The bottom line is that the macaroons are not hard to make, and they were a hit with the ladies who were my tasters.  I think most of them had more than one! I also gave some to one of my coworkers whose 10-year old son said, “They are sooooooooooo good!  Anything you make I like!  It made me change my mind about coconut.  I used to not like coconut, but now I love it just because of your macaroons!”

I will definitely be making Red Velvet Coconut Macaroons again. I would like to try a cross between this recipe and the chocolate macaroons I made for my Christmas cookies, or maybe a gluten-free version as the recipe doesn’t ask for a lot of wheat flour.  Happy baking!


One response to “Red Velvet Coconut Macaroons

  1. Beth Brotz says:

    those look great, shirlee! nice creation! Beth

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