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Kristi’s Cakes

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My 6-1/2 year-old niece, Kristi, got a little girls baking kit for Christmas.  She was waiting for me to come over to decorate with her.  Last weekend, we finally had a chance to make the cakes together.

Everything in the kit was a miniature of the equipment that I use!  Mini rolling pin, mini cake pans, mini fondant cutters, mini turntable, mini rolling mat…and we are talking tiny! I brought all of my fondant tools and colorings so we could have a lot of choices of what we wanted to do.

The cake “pans” were filled with a couple of tablespoons of cake batter and were “baked” in the microwave in just 30 seconds!

We ended up making a few other small cakes…I used 4-inch  and 6-inch round pans.  They seemed so big compared to the mini cakes!

The fun part was decorating the cakes.  I asked Kristi what color she wanted to make the cakes and of course she chose…pink and purple!  I taught her how to mix the coloring into the white fondant.  We used gloves to keep from staining our hands.

Next she rolled out the fondant, and then she covered the cakes and stacked them.  She chose the star and flower shaped cutters, and carefully attached the shapes to her cakes with a little bit of water.  She chose the shiny bead candies and gently pushed them into the center of the flowers.

For the top of the cake, she mixed the pink and purple together and cut out her initials: KN.  The final touch was bright pink gel to edge the cake.  Very pretty!

After the tiny cake was done so quickly, Kristi was ready to decorate a second cake.  She decided to make a Halloween cake.  Using light orange, white and chocolate fondant swirled together, created a very sophisticated marbled pattern.  Then she shaped a ghost out of white fondant.  She drew eyes, a mouth, and a Halloween banner with edible food markers.  She made cute little jack-o’-lanterns out of orange and green fondant, and drew the faces on with a food marker.  The jack-o’-lanterns were attached to the cake with a little bit of water, and the cake was complete.

I was quite impressed with her creative artistry!

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