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Safari Animal Rice Krispie Treats

Animal Rice Krispies

We had a baby shower for my coworker.  She is expecting her second baby boy, and her theme is safari animals.  When we were planning, someone suggested decorated Rice Krispies.

Making Rice Krispies in 9×13 pan

I had never thought about making these, but thought they sounded yummy!  My daughter, Allison, was still home from college for the summer, and we had fun making these together.

First Allison made two 9×13 pans of Rice Krispie treats according to the Kellogg Original Treats recipe.  I had found a set of cookie cutters which included a lion’s head, an elephant’s head, and a monkey’s head.  Allison cut out the shapes while I was melting the candy melts.

Cookie cutters were used to cut out animal shapes.

After she cut out as many shapes as she could from one pan, she tried pressing the leftovers together to make a few more shapes.  They weren’t quite as nice, but they were okay.  After the shapes were dipped in candy, I don’t think anyone could tell they were formed from scraps.  Allison made 20 shapes in all.  She could have made a few more out of the leftover scraps if we needed to, but since I only needed 18, we didn’t bother.

Lion heads dipped in yellow.

I melted about 8 ounces of candy melts in small plastic bowls (30 seconds in the microwave on half power, stir, then repeat as needed until the candy is melted and smooth).  We dipped one side of the animal shape into the melted candy to coat one side.  We used a small spoon to help smooth the candy if there were any places that didn’t get coated.  We set these on wax-paper lined cookie sheets, and placed them in the freezer for a few minutes to harden.

Pastry bag and bottles for decorating with candy melts

I poured each color of melted candy into a disposable plastic pasty bag or a small plastic bottle fitted with a decorating tip. When the candy coating had hardened, we added the details like eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and tusks.  I used a small spoon to add the monkey’s light brown muzzle and ears.

The treats set overnight and I packaged them in the morning.  Since the shower was going to be an outdoors luncheon, I packed them into an insulated bag with a cold pack.  That kept them nice and cool until we passed them out as party favors at the end of the shower.  They were a hit!  A number of people asked for two so they could take them home for their kids!

Packaged monkey treat coordinated with paper plate design

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