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Quick and Easy No-Bake Mini Cones

on June 24, 2012

Mini cones, picture courtesy of Hailey Rohde

The last Friday night of each month, I gather with a group of crafters.  We each bring whatever we are working on.   It’s a great way to get some of those UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) moving along and also be inspired by the creative projects that others are working on.  We also like to have some fun munchies.

One of the women in our group, Hailey, is expecting a baby girl next month, so I decided to make something pink and fun.  I didn’t have much time as I made this decision on Thursday night and would be working the next day, so I put together these  no-bake mini ice cream cones.

These are really quick and easy to make.  I think I spent longer writing this post than I did making the cones!  I purchased the little mini-cones at the cake supply shop.  First I melted the chocolate.   I used Nestle’s white baking chips because that’s what I had on hand, and added a few red candy melts to add the pink color.  Melt 30 seconds on high, stir, and repeat until the chocolate is melted and smooth.

TIP: Melt chocolate in plastic container in the microwave.
A plastic container won’t get hot. If you use a glass or ceramic container, the container will get hot from the  melted candy making difficult (and possibly dangerous!) to handle.  This is a very useful tip from Bakerella of Cake Pops fame.  She uses shallow bowls for dipping cake pops.  I have a plastic one-quart measuring cup that is microwave safe. I like it because the handle makes it easy to maneuver. 

I stuffed each cone with a regular size marshmallow.  I made sure the marshmallow is really tucked firmly into the cone so it won’t fall out when it’s dipped in the melted chocolate.  I submerge the marshmallow and the top of the cone into the chocolate, twist slightly and lift the cone out of the chocolate.  I twirled slowly to keep the chocolate from forming drips, and then added the sprinkles.  You could add the “cherry” at this point.  My cherries were an afterthought, so I used a little more pink chocolate to attach them later.  I had just bought a package of pretzel M&Ms to try and they turned out to be perfect cherry for these cones!

For the chocolate topping, I melted some more chocolate chips and spooned it onto the “ice cream.”  A cherry on top and they were complete!

Mommy-to-be Hailey holding mini cone

By the way, I found out that Hailey doesn’t like pink!  She did eat a mini cone, though, and took the awesome picture for me.  You can see more of her work on her blog:


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