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Nyan Cat Cake

on June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Roger!

Nyan Cat

One of the fun things about having a daughter is that she enjoys many of the same things that I do!  This post is about the Nyan Cat Birthday cake that my daughter, Allison, made this weekend.  She did all the decorating.  I just made a few technical suggestions along the way.

Allison said that she wanted to make a Nyan Cat birthday cake for her friend Roger. I didn’t know what Nyan Cat was.  I didn’t even know what an internet meme was.  I had to read about Nyan Cat on Wikipedia and check out the Nyan Cat video @

Piping the outline of Nyan Cat

After Allison showed me Nyan Cat and we checked out a few pictures of Nyan Cat cakes on the web, and I suggested she go with buttercream frosting and use M&Ms for the rainbow.  Buttercream because it can be colored to the intense colors we wanted, and M&Ms to add texture and interest.  An added benefit was that meant there were five fewer colors of frosting we would have to color and put into piping bags.  I hate washing frosting out of the bags!

Adding mini M&Ms

Finally, the surprise inside was that the cake was rainbow-colored!  This was just a white cake, but the batter is divided into six portions, each one colored one color of the rainbow.  They are poured into the pan one on top of the other and baked.

Surprise rainbow inside!

I’m so proud of my sweet and talented daughter!

Allison and her Nyan Cat Cake


2 responses to “Nyan Cat Cake

  1. elychua says:

    This is so adorable! I can just imagine the amount of work put into it 🙂

  2. mydearbakes says:

    Wow, your creation looks so amazing! =)

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