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Tepig Pokemon Birthday Cake

on June 17, 2012

Tepig Pokemon Cake“All’s well that ends well.”  The cute little Tepig gave me some anxious moments, but in the end, I think he turned out pretty adorable!  This cake was a lesson in fondant and gravity.  No matter how many times I make a fondant cake, I am always surprised by something in the way that it turns out.  And that’s often not a good thing!

I was commissioned to create a Tepig Pokemon Birthday Cake. Yes, another Pokemon cake!  This little creature looks like a chubby little piglet with rabbit ears.  I started a few days ahead by making the round body and leaving it in a plastic flower former to harden.  I also formed the head and let it start to harden before attempting to attach it to the body.

TIP: Use Chocolate Fondant for Brown and Black.  I use chocolate fondant whenever I need brown or black colored fondant.   If I need a lighter shade of brown, I add white fondant.  If I want black, I add a little bit of black food coloring to the brown.  It doesn’t take as much black as when starting with white fondant, and it tastes much better!  I also use chocolate buttercream frosting when I need black or brown colored frosting.

Angled Tepig

Propping up Tepig while his head is attaching to his body

The next day I could see that the Tepig body was already flattening and getting fatter because of its weight!  I propped up the body at an angle and decided that Tepig should be sitting on his behind because his tiny fondant legs could never hold up the weight of his big belly.  I had to try multiple strategies to attach the head and arms to little Tepig because he was so chunky.

I had Tepig drying in a cake pan (on a sheet of parchment paper so he wouldn’t stick) and tipped up the pan to center his gravity so that his head would attach.  I was hoping that his head would be strongly attached when I lowered him to be level and put him on the cake.

Tepig resting on some paper towels

It was not the case!  When I put him on the cake, his head was heavy and actually slid off his body.  What to do?  He needed something to hold up his head.  I reattached his head and propped him up with some crumpled paper towels while I pondered the problem.

I knew that if I tried to put a stick through his body and head at this point, the body would probably split and the stick would just tear through the fondant of the head and body.  I wanted something I could place under him that would support his head and look good.  Maybe a Pokeball?  I already knew that size ball of fondant would be too heavy and probably squish down under its weight to look more like a flying saucer.  Then I realized I could use a cake dowel for strong support and disguise it with a fondant Pokeball  built around it!

Dowel with fondant Pokeball

This worked great!  It was a little tricky maneuvering the dowel with fondant into place, but it worked out just right!  I covered the hole at the top with a little fondant star, and Tepig looked happy and content to be leaning up against his very own Pokeball!

Here’s just a shot of the border detail.  I rolled yellow fondant and cut out stars to attach to the sides.

For the little Pokeballs, I rolled out red fondant and white fondant, and used a size 12 piping tip to cut out small circles.  I cut these in half and put together half of a white circle with half of a red circle using a damp brush.  When these dried, I used a black food decorating pen to draw the line and little circle.

Border detail with mini-Pokeballs

TIP:  Wait a Few Minutes Before Pressing Out Shapes from Rolled FondantAfter you roll out your fondant, wait a few minutes before pressing out shapes with a fondant cutter.  I have found that if I cut shapes immediately, the surface is still fresh and sticky from being rolled out and the fondant tends to stick to the cutter.  This is especially frustrating when cutting out letters such as “B” and “R” because then I have to try to pry out the letters and the small openings from the cutter which usually ends up distorting them quite a bit!  If I wait just a few minutes, the surface will dry just enough so that the fondant cutter lifts away and the fondant stays in place.  I run my finger over the surface of the fondant to see when the stickiness is gone, and then press out a test shape.  If the fondant comes up with the cutter, I wait a little longer and try again.

The cake is ready!

The best part was, of course, seeing a picture of the birthday boy with his cake (notice his stuffed Tepig next to the cake), and receiving a special phone call to tell me how much he liked his Tepig Birthday Cake!

Jeremy blowing out the candles on his Tepig Birthday Cake


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  1. mydearbakes says:

    OMG. you make such lovely bakes! Yummy! =)

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