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Baby Girl Cookies

on June 10, 2012

Party girls!

One of our coworkers is expecting her first baby, a girl.  I volunteered to make the party favors for her baby shower.  I thought that the gingerbread people I made last month could be transformed into some cute baby girl cookies.

Cookies cooling on parchment paper

I decided to making sugar cookies using the gingerbread man cutout.  First I made the cookies.

TIP #1: For Perfect Shapes Cut Out Dough on Parchment Paper.  Cut two sheets of parchment paper to fit your cookie sheet.  Roll out the cookie dough between two sheets of parchment paper.  The top sheet prevents your rolling pin from sticking.  Remove the top sheet and press the cookie cutter into the dough, leaving a little bit of space around each cookie for some expansion of the cookie during baking.  After all the cookies are cut, remove the excess dough between the cookies.  Place the parchment onto your cookies sheet and into the oven to bake.  Since you do not have to lift the cookies off the parchment, your shapes are perfect, not stretched or distorted in any way!  Also, you can be preparing another set of cookie dough for baking while the cookie sheet is in the oven, so you use less cookie sheets and have less to clean up when you are done!

While the cookies were cooling, I prepared a batch of royal icing.

Iced cookies setting

TIP #2: Glycerin Adds Shine and Keeps Royal Icing Soft.  Add just a little glycerin (1/2 to 1 tsp to one pound icing) to the royal icing so that it stays a little soft when it dries, and also has a nice sheen.

I left half of the icing white, and colored the remainder a bright pink.  I filled a piping bag each with the white and pink icing, then took some of each icing and thinned the icing to a spreadable consistency with addition of egg white.  This is called flow icing.

TIP #3:  De-gas Flow Icing.  Let the flow icing sit about 15 minutes so that the air bubbles which were created during the mixing will be released.  Otherwise, you may end up with tiny air bubbles that look like little pin pricks in the surface of the dried icing.

Then the fun began!  I piped in the faces, and the outlines of clothes and booties.  As these set, I spread the flow icing into the shapes using a small spoon and also used some thin sticks to get into the corners.  Lastly, I piped shapes like hearts and bows onto the clothing or added sugar flower sprinkles.  You can see that depending on how much the flow icing has set, you can get different effects of the piped shapes sitting in the icing or on top.

I let the cookies set overnight.  The next morning I packaged them and tied up each bag with a pink ribbon.

Cookies are ready to go!


One response to “Baby Girl Cookies

  1. […] I had made some sugar cookie dough a few weeks ago and froze the dough because I didn’t get around to baking the cookies.  I had a cupcake cookie cutter and thought it would be fun to decorate the cookies as cupcakes.  For tips and tricks on baking and decorating cookies with royal icing, see my post on Baby Girl Cookies. […]

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