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In a few weeks, I’ll be decorating a table for our Ladies Tea.  The theme is “Once Upon A Time.”  I decided that it might be fun to do “Hansel and Gretel” and make a gingerbread house for the centerpiece.  I consulted my German friend and she gave me lots of ideas, including the German name for the gingerbread house, knusperhaus.   This weekend, I had a trial run making my first gingerbread house from scratch.

I found some recipes online, and some templates.  I decided to try the “easy” foolproof dough for this first attempt…sturdy and made for construction, but not really for eating.  I also tried making some cut-out windows with crushed lifesavers for the panes. I left some walls whole because I wanted to try pretzel windows, too.

I was able to assemble the house using royal icing without too much trouble, and then the decorating was Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

Which decorations do you like?

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No Shoes

"Make a wish!"

Yesterday was my husband Randy’s birthday.  Here is a picture of him blowing out the birthday candles on his birthday cake.  No, I didn’t make the cake…I bought it from a bakery.   Well, it’s a German chocolate cake, which is his favorite.  He loved it.  Personally, I thought it was a little too sweet, but he has a very sweet tooth.  I’m glad he liked it since I felt a little bad about not making him a homemade birthday cake.

I guess it’s true what they say about the shoemaker’s children having no shoes!  The baker’s husband gets a store-bought cake!

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