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Mom’s 80th Birthday Cake

on March 26, 2012

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Yesterday was  my mom’s 80th birthday party.  Of course, I got to make her birthday cake.  The tables were to be decorated with cherry blossom branches, so I decided to go with a cherry blossom theme.  My friend Donna offered to teach me how to make cherry blossoms out of gum paste.  We started several weeks ago.  I estimated that I would need about 50 blossoms to decorate a 3 tiered cake.  Well, I went to her house and spent several hours each time, making the tiny cherry blossoms.    To make the cherry blossoms, you have to tint the gum paste, make little cones out of green or brown to support the petals, roll out the pink fondant, cut out the 5 petal flower, thin the edges and cup the petals with the ball tool, attach it to the base with a little egg white, and gently lay it in the cupped foil to dry in a rounded shape.   After a few days of drying, you take petal dust and brush the blossoms with the desired color in the centers.  I used a mix of cranberry luster dust and cotton candy sparkle dust.

They are exquisite, as you can see, but after about 7 hours, we only had 10 blossoms made!  By my calculations, I would need 7 x 5 = 35 hours to make the rest of the blossoms…and I still need to bake cakes and make buttercream!  So I decided to go with Plan B, to make the cherry blossoms out of royal icing instead.  These are piped with tip #104 on pieces of waxed paper and dry on flower formers to give them a little bit of shape.  I piped yellow stamens with tip #2.

In the end, I was happy with the results.  I thought it was a pretty, feminine and festive cake.  Someday I’ll make another attempt at gum paste flowers…but maybe for a smaller cake!


3 responses to “Mom’s 80th Birthday Cake

  1. Denyce says:

    The cake looks beautiful! You are so patient and dedicated to devote so much time into this. Years ago I did some cake decorating, but finally decided that I would rather pay the money to have it done than to spend all that time. It really is a labor of love – and having been on the receiving end, I can tell you how much appreciated it is! You -and Donna – do beautiful creative work! I’m in awe!!

  2. Lorraine Wallingford says:

    What a Beautiful Cake Shirlee,and Happy Birthday to Clara.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Ooh! The gum paste cherry blowwoms look gorgeous! I love the two tones and the notch in the petals!

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