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Surprise in the mail!

on March 2, 2012

This week, I came home one evening to find a package at the door.  I thought, “What could this be?  Did I order something?”  I opened it and what a surprise!  It was a signed copy of “Organic and Chic,” a book about organic baking and decorating.  My cousin Janet saw it, liked it, and got it for me!  Out of the blue.  No special occasion.  Just because she is a sweet and thoughtful gift giver.  The pictures in the book are gorgeous.  Lots of elegant cakes with gum paste flowers.  I read the introduction and was so happy to read another success story of someone who was working in another industry and started baking and changed careers.

This weekend, I’ll be out of town and not able to bake, so I’m taking the book with me to read and choose a recipe to try.  My next project will be my mom’s birthday cake for 70 people, so I’ll pick out a cake to bake next weekend that might be the one for her.  I’m really curious to see what difference the organic ingredients make in the taste and texture.


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