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Quick cupcakes

I was asked to make dessert for a lunch for about 20 people.  I wanted to make something that looked special, but I didn’t have too much time.  This weekend was a busy one, so I decided to take some shortcuts.  I had a yellow cake mix from Trader Joe’s and some homemade buttercream in the freezer from cake I made a few weeks ago.  I had never tried the cake mixes at Trader Joe’s, but everything I’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s is good, so I was willing to take a risk.  The cupcakes came out well.  The mix makes more than your average grocery store bought cake mix so the cupcakes were generously sized.  I defrosted the chocolate buttercream, whipped it up nice and fluffy with my Kitchen Aid mixer, added some Kahlua and a few tablespoons Ghirardelli’s cocoa powder and piped it onto the cakes.  A little fondant flower with a sugar ball added a nice accent, and voila!

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting and fondant flower accent

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My First Post

Well, here I am, taking a leap in the cyber world!  I hope that my blog will me to connect with other cake bakers and decorators.  I love being able to search for ideas and get tips from others, so now I hope to do the same for others!

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